Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!          


PROM:  This year’s Prom is Saturday, April 27th.  Any student with 11 or more unexcused abs WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to attend.  Please see Mrs. Chiasson or Mrs. Robert if attendance recovery is needed.  If days are made up prior to April 12th (Friday before Spring Break) you may be allowed to attend.

SERVICE HOURS: Students wanting to earn service hours can help work at baseball games. If you are interested in earning service hours through baseball, sign up with Mrs. Maggie Punch.


TARPON BUCKS:  Enter your tarpon bucks in the 2 special boxes located in the front office for a chance to win either a free buyout or free snack item during Spirit Week!

TALENT SHOW   Students interested in performing in the spirit week talent show should sign up on the door of room 301

BACHELOR AUCTION  Boys interested in participating in the Bachelor Auction should sign up on the door of room 301

Students & Teachers:  Don’t forget to nominate a teacher/employee of the month. Nomination sheets have been given to every teacher and can be found in the library, guidance, and front office.  Nomination boxes are in the front office.

Teachers & Staff: Don’t forget to nominate teachers, employees, and students of the month.  Nomination sheets and boxes are in the PLC room 813.


  • Baseball Patterson Tournament

    South Lafourche High School
  • PARC

    South Lafourche High School
  • Softball JV/V vs Terrebonne away

    South Lafourche High School
  • Senior Parent Meeting in Library

    South Lafourche High School
  • Spirit Week

    South Lafourche High School
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Louisiana School and Student Safety Act

The Lafourche Parish School Board is committed to providing a safe environment for the students and employees of its schools. The school board shall take immediate action to address any potential threats of violence or terrorism to students and employees as required by the Louisiana School and Student Safety Act. (La. Rev. Stat. Ann.§17:409-17:409.5)


Middle/High Training
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